Introduction to World of Warcraft
Story background (black stone disaster)
After the invasion of the natural disaster, the continent of Azeroth was devastated, and Felwood Forest became a dead place. The Tirisfal Glades rogues those rotten bodies that had already died but stood up again. The night town was full of fog, and Helisu In the desert of the swell, the kingdom of Lordaeron was destroyed, and Illidan’s betrayed night elf was exiled to the outer domain. The former prince of Arthas finally reached the frozen throne and became the new Lich King in Northrend. It seems that the war has temporarily subsided because the fragile agreements reached by war tribes and alliances seem to have gradually been forgotten.
In the dry land of Durotar, the tribes led by Thrall camped and continued to expand the size of the army. They invited the former High Elf Ranger who also hated the Alliance, the current Forsaken leader Sylvanas and his Majesty’s Forgotten people join the tribes of orcs, tauren and trolls.
At the same time, the dwarves, gnomes and ancient night elves also vowed to join the alliance led by the human king Varian Wrynn. In order to solve the interests of the war and other issues, the Alliance and the Horde are hoarding their power.
But at this time, in the storm city, King Varian Wryen suddenly disappeared mysteriously, and the Duke of Baval Fordgen, as the regent king, assisted the young Prince Anduin Wrynn, but anyone was jealous. It is concluded that the political direction of the entire Stormwind City is completely dependent on the noble and mysterious human female aristocrat Katrina Presto. The distrust between the alliances is increasing day by day. At the same time, the black iron dwarves who crouch on the Blackrock Mountain begin to gradually introduce one. The strange event of the series, the mysterious disappearance of Marshal Reginald Windsor of the Alliance responsible for investigating this matter, in the Blackrock Depths, seems that everything is behind the scenes of the fate of the world.
The tribe's shamans found that the elements in the opposite side began to become unstable, and the source of everything was directed at Blackrock Mountain, where the king of the Black Iron Dwarf, the king of the Black Iron Dwarf, summoned the flaming Ragnaros. The place seems to be starting to move in a bad direction. Then the Alliance and the tribe's brave adventurers are ready to go, marching toward the Blackrock Spire, the Blackrock Depths, the Molten Heart, and the Blackwing's Nest.
Ahn'Qiraj invasion
The world is almost destroyed by the hand of Neferios of the Black Dragon Prince. The hero of the Alliance saved Marshal Windsor and revealed the true face of Katrina, who is actually the Princess of Black Dragon, Onyxia. In one heart, the alliance is more solid.
The warriors of the tribe went deep into the Black Rock Mountain and bravely defeated the enchantress. Finally, the hero of the United Alliance defeated the Black Dragon Prince Nefarios in the Black Wings Nest on the upper level of the Black Rock Mountain. It seems that the world is returning to peace.
But far from the southernmost end of the Kalimdor continent, the outpost of the Cenarion Circle found that there was a shift in the desert, a large number of alien insects emerged from the ground, and a group of believers of the ancient gods began to Appeared, this scene can not help but remind people of the battle of quicksand that almost destroyed Azeroth. The Vandal Deer helmet, which is the Cenarion Circle and the Dark Elves, is no longer able to withstand the sand. In the battle, he lost his only son. Finally, he relied on the three-color dragon as a bait to seal the horror creatures that claimed to be their Zerg, forever, behind the huge beetle wall of Silithus. Is history going to repeat itself? No, this time, no, our adventurers will collect the fragments of the broken sand sticks that year, and reopen the wall of the beetle. We will go deep into the temple of Ahn'Qiraj, with these zerg and the behind-the-scenes behind them. The black hand made a real break.
So in the history, the tribe and the Alliance for the first time truly abandoned the former suspicion, jointly raised the war preparations, and worked together to find the fragments of the quicksand. In the face of disaster, the interests of the race, the collective contradictions, and the personal grievances were so insignificant. Under the scorching sun, in the Silessus Desert, the heroes held the quicksand scepter to ring the bronze gong that was confined for thousands of years. The war began.
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